Australian grape industry welcomes Peruvian import prospect -

Australian grape industry welcomes Peruvian import prospect

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Australian grape industry welcomes Peruvian import prospect

Peru's plans to open counter-seasonal grape export negotiations with Australia have been well-received by local industry, following a row with Chile over intentions to export during peak season.

Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA) CEO Jeff Scott told the announcements by Peru's Grape Producers Association (PROVID) were positive.

"The ATGA is definitely not against imports of table grapes provided they are counter seasonal to our domestic season," says Scott.

"Currently, the U.S. exports to Australia and very soon both China and Korea will have access, all counter-seasonal to our domestic season.

"If Peru were to gain access and if they are counter-seasonal to our domestic markets, then they would be in the same category as the U.S., China and Korea. From the Australian consumers point of view, it would be positive as it places table grapes on their plate all year round."

Scott highlights the importance of export markets and the coordination of different growing seasons.

"The Australian table grape industry produces 50% more than the domestic market can absorb, so export markets are important for the survival of Australian producers," he says.

"Australian table grapes are exported to  markets that are also counter seasonal to the countries they export to, we do not compete with any domestic markets in any country.

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