Argentina to promote blueberry reliability for U.S. and Europe -

Argentina to promote blueberry reliability for U.S. and Europe

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Argentina to promote blueberry reliability for U.S. and Europe

The Argentinean Blueberry Committee has launched its strategic plan for the 2011 season between September and December, with expectations of US$232,000 in spending.

Manager Inés Peláez told the campaign would focus on improved communication with all aspects of the supply chain to improve rotation in supermarkets.

"This campaign aims to position Argentina as a reliable blueberry supplier in the counter-season, and above all deliver precise information that can be read by the whole chain - receivers, wholesalers, retail in general - so that the everyone knows when the biggest arrival of blueberries to the U.S. is," she says.

"Last season the lack of stock rotation in supermarkets affected price performance, which is something we want to change this year through better communication.

"Actions will include a publicity campaign in print and digital media, and of course one on one through direct mailings to reach all parties in the supply chain."

One of the committee's key advantages is its work with Chile and Uruguay as part of the 'Blueberries from the South' (BFTS) project, which works towards a better and synchronized blueberry supply to foreign markets.

"For the moment it's most important to secure the American market. Development in the European continent through BFTS is very important for us, as the incorporation of new markets is done gradually and with the support of regional distributors," says Peláez

She says the committee will enlist the services of a local press agency in the U.S.

The committee was officially launched on Aug. 31, 2010.

Photo: Argentinean Blueberry Committee

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