Costa Rica: pineapple growers blamed for eco degradation

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Costa Rica: pineapple growers blamed for eco degradation

Costa Rica's Environmental Administration Tribunal (TAA) has denounced the pineapple industry's malpractices in the country's north and its effects on protected areas, website reported.

The story reported growers had cut down trees without approval from the State Forestry Administration, posing a threat to the wetlands of Caño Negro, as well as the Frío and La Muerte rivers.

Monkey in Caño Negro

The tribunal's investigation - conducted with representatives from a wide range of institutions - confirmed there was a lack of soil conservation works and traps or filters to reduce sediment retention, the story reported.

The tribunal also found a lack of environmental feasibility studies, while in some cases pineapple growers operated with the permits granted to packing plants. The document released stated the activity was causing irreversible damage to the ecosystem of the National Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro, which is listed as Protected Wildlife Area.

The tribunal concluded the activity affecting degradation the most was pineapple farming,which also released chemicals into streams that affected drinking water, the story reported. It then called for 'urgent' action from the municipalities of Upala, Guatuso and Los Chiles to establish a master plan that included protection variables and natural resource protection.

The TAA also suggested the restoration of biological corridors that had been damaged by the pineapple industry.

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