800kg of grapes seized in Argentina

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800kg of grapes seized in Argentina

Argentina's National Food Quality and Safety Service (SENASA) has seized 160 cases of table grapes from the region of Mendoza because they did not meet traceability standards, website Rocadigital.com.ar reported.

The story reported the Northern Patagonia Regional Plant Protection service detected the 800kg (1764lbs) cargo, which did not hold proper identification from the National Agricultural Producers Health Registry (RENSPA).

Senasa seized and destroyed the cases at a distribution center in the city of Cipoletti in a bid to prevent the potential spread of disease.

Plant protection co-ordinator Oscar Rolo told the website if the grapes were not seized the Lobesia botrana moth could have entered North Patagonia.

He said if this happened there would have been a need for higher chemical use, which could damage the area's good reputation for environmental protection.

"In this case it was not possible to establish the traceability of goods, for which we had to denaturalize and destroy them completely, as it presents a high phytosanitary risk to the area," Rolo was quoted as saying.

"Lobesia botrana is spread by the transit movement of fresh fruit or grapes without fumigating, or by the movement of used machinery without cleaning or sterilizing it outside the controlled area.

"In regions where the pest is present the first generation of the season attacks the flower clusters (inflorences). Subsequent generations, which can be two or three times larger in the area, can cause damages in grapes or grain formation."


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