Brazil-Argentina dispute resolved -

Brazil-Argentina dispute resolved

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Brazil-Argentina dispute resolved

Brazil and Argentina have put a bitter trade dispute to an end by signing an agreement to allow the entry of goods stranded at the border, newspaper La Gaceta reported.

The agreement was signed by Brazil and Argentina's respective industry ministers Fernando Pimentel and Debora Giorgi, opening up a trade blockade of goods worth around US$35 billion annually.

Brazil's Fernando Pimentel and Argentina's Debora Giorgi

In the meeting Giorgi rejected the idea there was any explicit policy to delay cargo in customs, saying all efforts would be put into allowing entry for Brazilian products that had been detained for more than 60-days, the story reported.

Pimentel said there was now a good feeling between the two nations.

"We have a very similar vision of what the relationship between the two countries and the rest of the world should be - both countries agree with the need to accelerate imports and reduce times," he was quoted as saying.

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