New nutrition labels for Argentine pears -

New nutrition labels for Argentine pears

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New nutrition labels for Argentine pears

Argentina's National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) has created a new nutritonal labelling scheme for Williams pears, in a bid to promote consumption and ensure quality.

The new labels come after three years of work in conjunction with the National Institue of Industrial Technology (INTI), investigating the chemical composition and nutritional status of the pear variety.

"The importance of nutritional labels lies in that through them the consumer is informed about the nutritional properties of the product," says INTI representative Nora Barda.

Barda said even though the labels were not mandatory, "knowing the nutritional and chemical characteristics of the pear is an important help to add value both to fresh fruits and food products developed from them".

INTA highlighted the sugar characteristics of Williams pears meant they were suitable for people with diabetes, were also high in dietary fibre, had a 'sensously' attractive ripeness and a tender juicy flesh that gave them appeal for people people of all ages.

The labels can only be issued by the National Food Quality and Safety Service (SENASA).

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