Argentina: lemon frost damages 'significant' -

Argentina: lemon frost damages 'significant'

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Argentina: lemon frost damages 'significant'

The Argentine coldsnap that has affected lemon crops in the province of Tucumán in recent weeks has started to make its mark on blueberries, website reported.

The story reported blueberry growers who had frosts control systems with irrigation did not suffer damages, but these machines were on for the entire night of Thursday and several hours of Friday morning until the temperature rose above 0ºC (32ºF).

Lemon plantation damages could already be seen in several zones of the province including La Cruz and La Falda, while there has been a significant decline in orders from packing houses as a result, the story reported.

National Food Quality and Safety Service (SENASA) regional plant protection co-ordinator Rafael Rodríguez Prados, told the website that companies were awaiting assessment results of the damages.

"We know that the frost affected a large quantity of fruit that was ready to be harvested, but we still don't know the evaluation of the losses, and don't doubt their magnitude could be significant."

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Photo: Tucuman Citrus Association

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