Mexican govt promotes production scheme for arid areas

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Mexican govt promotes production scheme for arid areas

Mexican government authorities have met with agribusinesses in the country's arid north-central region to help develop a new plan for farming development.

Agriculture Minister Francisco Mayorga Castañeda and Governor Carlos Lozano de la Torre promoted the new scheme in the state of Aguascalientes, emphasizing environmental conservation and investment in health, safety and innovation.

The scheme also highlights the importance of technological transfer to help open up international markets,
incorporating programs involving crop conversion, agroforestry systems and the adoption of drought resistant crops.

The actions of the scheme will be carried out in conjunction with the Arid Zones National Commission (CONAZA) to improve soil productivity, conservation tillage, hydraulic works construction for water conservation, and the capture of greenhouse gases.

CONAZA secretary of agricultural development and agribusiness Jorge Narváez, said the collaboration strategy was important to meet the scheme's economic, social and environmental targets through the application of MXN450 million (US$38.5 million) from State and Federal funding.

Photo: Kalipedia

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