Mexico's strawberries picking up -

Mexico's strawberries picking up

Mexico's strawberries picking up

Mexico's strawberry exports rose 13.4% year-on-year to US$392.6 million in the first five months of this 2011, website reported.

The story reported 99.9% of the country's strawberries are officially exported to the U.S.,but Meridian Fruits head of logistics Julieta Guízar says the statistic is distortionary, as fruit is often re-exported to other countries in Europe and Asia, the story reported.

Guízar said at least 80% of Mexican fruit sold abroad should be labelled individually.

The story reported the blueberry industry exported 1,703 metric tons (MT) worth US$16.6 million during the period, whiel success had also been recorded for blackberry shipments.

Hurst's México export directo Marco Fox said his company has shipped 3,400MT of blackberries to the U.S. so far this season, but they were often re-exported to Canada, the U.K., France, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan.


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