Argentine province starts citrus census -

Argentine province starts citrus census

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Argentine province starts citrus census

The Argentine province of Corrientes has begun its first citrus census in six years in a bid to improve industry efficiency, website reported.

The Ministry of Production is expecting a significant rise from figures recorded in the 2005 census, when 21,900 hectares and 220,000 metric tons (MT) of citrus production were registered.

The aim of the Provincial Citrus Census is to improve industry productivity through data gathered from field surveys that take into account planted  area, the quantity of producers and various technological indicators, the story reported.

Operational Unit of Production (UOP) citrus sector executive director Cecilia Briend, told the website both private businesses and the government were still having to use the old statistics for policy decisions.

"With this (new) information, you can make decisions and implement plans or projects aimed at improving the production or trade of citrus," she was quoted as saying.

"Besides the number of producers, there are other questions on the form that are of vital interest for authorities, and from that we can direct production and marketing channels."

She said the new survey would reveal data about varieties, applied technology, drip irrigation, plant health, agrochemicals use and machinery availability, the story reported.

She said the survey itself would take three months, while with the crossing of data forms the results should be available by the end of the year.

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