Argentine blueberry air freight takes off

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Argentine blueberry air freight takes off

Blueberry cargo flights from the Argentine province of Tucuman are expected to more than double this year, television station Canal 10 reported.

Lan Cargas representative Máximo Amadeo said it was important the blueberries could be sent directly from Tucuman to destination markets without stopping at customs in Buenos Aires' Ezeiza airport, the story reported.

"We continue working as we have been doing with blueberries for the last three years, taking cargo from San Miguel de Tucuman to different destinations like Miami in the United States," Amadeo told the TV station.

"Now we are working to distribute in Peru, the U.S. and Europe, expanding the offering of fine fruit."

He said last year there were 22 air freight flights between Tucuman and Miami, but this year the company was budgeting for 50 flights.

Tucuman Institute of Productive Development (IDEP) Luis Fernández said the province aimed to become an air cargo hub of northern Argentina, investments in specialized customs, the story reported.

"This system is not just going to be sustainable in terms of blueberries, which in reality is increasing, but we need to add other cargo throughout the year."

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