Argentine lemon exports 'practically finished'

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Argentine lemon exports 'practically finished'

Lemon exports from the world's largest producing region have reached similar figures to last year despite the effects of frosts, website reported.

The season's shipments have largely come to a close in the Argentine province of Tucuman, where expectations for a good season were cut back by poor weather conditions.

"The season still hasn't finished this year with some fruit being harvested for factories, but not for export as they're not getting the quality," Tucuman Citrus Association president Roberto Sanchez Loria was quoted as saying.

"Exports have practically finished, and as a balance we can say that we had similar numbers to last year, or it could be that we're talking 150,000 (metric) tons, which is not a lot."

He said there were also issues on the demand side in Europe with higher levels of competition and difficult economic conditions, the story reported.

"In Europe there was large production in Spain which competed with Argentine lemons, and in an economy with adjustments it becomes more complicated as these lemons are present, and they're valued less.

Sanchez Loria's ATC colleague Ricardo Quintana told website wage inflation was also hurting the competitiveness of Argentina's lemon industry.

"Inflation has soared through larger salary adjustments, which is totally legitimate, but it's become a very serious problem that we face," Quintana was quoted as saying.

Sánchez Loria

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