Argentine president presses Obama to lift citrus tariffs

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Argentine president presses Obama to lift citrus tariffs

Argentina's president Cristina Fernández has asked Barack Obama to lift U.S. citrus import tariffs during a bilateral meeting in Cannes after the G-20 summit, website reported.

Fernández was responding to pressure by Entre Rios Governor Sergio Urribarri, whose state produces 60% of all Argentina's citrus exports.

"It's very gratifying that the president has talked with Obama on issues concerning the interests of our regional economies and has insisted on the need to get rid of tariff barriers for citrus products," he was quoted as saying.

Urribarri said if the ban was lifted it would be good news for Entre Rios and for producers who have been working with state officials intensively over the last few years to open up U.S. trade, the story reported.

Industry sources estimate that if tariffs were lifted Argentina would aim to export about 2,250 metric tons (MT) in the first year to the U.S.

The two presidents also agreed to establish a permanent link on agriculture, economic planning, science and technology issues.


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