NZ kiwifruit region raises Psa-V defense line -

NZ kiwifruit region raises Psa-V defense line

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NZ kiwifruit region raises Psa-V defense line

A New Zealand kiwifruit region that is free of Psa-V disease has increased its defense measures against the outbreak to protect orchards, website reported.

Growers in Nelson have announced a voluntary ban on importing budwood and pollen, while the Nelson Kiwifruit Vine Health committee will conduct random checks of gold variety orchards, the story reported.

"It's not an auditing process, it's to give us confidence that what growers are in fact telling us is what's out there," co-ordinator Phil Jones was quoted as saying.

"As we get closer to pollination in green orchards we are asking that no pollen from sources outside of Nelson be used for artificial or supplementary pollination. So, if you have any in your freezer and you are unsure of its origins, please leave it where it is and obtain Nelson pollen."

Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH) has recorded 12 cases of Psa in Nelson but they weren't of the virulent Psa-V strain.

Elsewhere in New Zealand, KVH has extended the Waihi Priority Zone for the disease after identification of a Psa-V kiwifruit orchard in the Waihi Beach Area. On a more positive note, a preliminary test for a Kerikeri orchard did not come up positive for the virulent Psa strain.

KVH general manager John Burke told the Kerikeri Priority Zone would be lifted, but orchards would still be under surveillance.

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