Argentine's blueberry heartland sees 20% export rise

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Argentine's blueberry heartland sees 20% export rise

Argentina's heartland blueberry state, Tucumán has exported 3,700 metric tons (MT) so far - a 20% year-on-year increase, acccording to figures by the country's blueberry committee.

Although, prices were not as high as producers had hoped leading to a total harvest of 4,700 MT, a little lower than the 5,000 MT originally forecast.

The quality of Tucumán fruit this season was better than last year's due to a good climate with no extremes of temperature.

Concordia state is still in the middle of harvesting with earlier varieties such as O'Neal two thirds of the way through collection.

Harvesting of O'Neals is expected to finish a little earlier than estimated, Nov. 20, due to rain and lack of labourers.

Emerald variety is half way through harvesting with peak collection this week and fruit reported to be of good quality offering good yields.

Peak harvesting for Misty will start next week and last until early December.

Concordia has benefited from planting new ultra-early varieties harvested in mid-September until the end of October extending its total harvesting period to 90 days.

The committee described the quality of fruit this season as good, although yields for the last part of the season would be less than estimated due to lower returns, lack of labor and a late harvest.

Total shipments so far to continental Europe showed a year-on-year increase of 78% to 877 MT with exports to the U.K. also up by 39% to 970 MT.

U.S. exports so far stood at 4,886 MT, a 5%  year-on-year increase.

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