Southern Hemisphere set for slight stonefruit rise

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Southern Hemisphere set for slight stonefruit rise

Market researcher iQonsulting has forecast a 3% year-on-year rise for Southern Hemisphere stonefruit exports in 2011-12.

In an updated report on Nov. 16 that took weather factors into account, the consultancy estimated Southern Hemisphere peach, nectarine, plum and apricot shipments would reach 297,000 metric tons (MT) for the season.

South Africa is expected to register the biggest export rise driven by a 12% jump in peach and nectarine production, while its plum shipments are due to fall by 1% to 48,800MT

Chilean stonefruit are due for a 6,000MT increase to 210,000MT, with more than half of that total represented by plums, with exports expected to rise 5% to 105,700MT.

Argentina's stonefruit exports are set to rise 8% to 24,300MT, largely driven by a 20% jump in plum shipments to 13,800MT. Meanwhile, the country's peach figures will likely fall by around 10% to 5,190MT.

South Africa is also expected to record the largest rise in apricot shipments, with an 11% increase to 4,600MT. Argentina's exports of the fruit are forecast to grow 6% while Chile's export figure should fall by 3%.

IQonsulting said Chile's nectarine exports would be stable compared to last season, while Argentina and South Africa would likely notch rises of 2% and 12% respectively for the fruit.

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