Chilean blueberry exports take off, Argentine season winding down

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Chilean blueberry exports take off, Argentine season winding down

Chile's blueberry exports peaked last week (Dec. 11) with a 10% year-on-year increase to 6,300 metric tons (MT), while the Argentine season was tailing off with just 422MT of shipments.

Argentine exports will continue to decline with 300MT predicted for week 50 (Dec. 18), and 227MT expected in week 51 (Dec. 25).

Weekly Chilean exports over the next two months are expected to be more than 5,000MT.

The Chilean Blueberry Committee said unfortunately last week's surge did not coincide with the busiest shopping times leading up to Christmas.

Rising temperatures resulted in rapid ripening with a concentration of the harvest mainly in VII (Maule) and VIII (Biobío) regions.

The season has finished in the IV (Coquimbo) region, with the V (Valparaíso) and VI ( O'Higgins) regions reaching their final stages. The Duke variety has passed its peak collection time with other varieties such as Brigitta-Brightwell and Elliott coming on stream.

Overall, export estimates for the season are expected to show a 17% year-on-year rise from the previous season's  69,634MT.

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