Brazil approves Chilean avocado imports

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Brazil approves Chilean avocado imports

Brazil is set to allow the import of Chilean avocados that have been cleaned and certified free of pests and disease, the government's Agriculture, Livestock and Supply Department (SEAPA) announced.

The fruit must be washed, brushed, polished, and be free of plant debris and any other external agents.

Shipments need a phytosanitary certificate with an additional declaration guaranteeing the consignment was inspected and found free of the insect, Pseudococcus Calceolariae and the Chilean false red mite, Breviplapus Chilensis.

Avocados will be inspected at the point of entry by the Plant Health Inspectorate and samples will be collected for analysis in accredited laboratories.

Chilean authorities must inform their Brazilian counterparts if there have been outbreaks of disease in the country.

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