NZ: red zone declared in Auckland suburb -

NZ: red zone declared in Auckland suburb

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NZ: red zone declared in Auckland suburb

New Zealand authorities have taken a hardline approach to preventing the spread of Queensland fruit fly, setting up a 1.5km (0.9 miles) red zone around the Auckland suburb of Avondale, website reported.

The story reported the outbreak was under containment through a mix of government biosecurity inspectors, Auckland Council bio experts and emergency response staff.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has given out special bins to dispose of fruit and vegetable waste, while households in the area have received notices demanding they put their fruit and vegetables in airtight containers.

Traps have also been set up in backyards, while trees, vegetable gardens and rubbish bins have been inspected for any more fruit fly signs.

"These controls are an important precaution while we investigate whether there are any further fruit flies in the area," deputy director general for compliance and response Andrew Coleman was quoted as saying.

"The Queensland fruit fly is an unwanted and notifiable insect that could have serious consequences for our horticultural industries.

"While we urgently search for any further signs of the fruit fly in the Avondale area, we need the support of local people."

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