Argentina reaches sweet citrus deal with Brazil

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Argentina reaches sweet citrus deal with Brazil

The Brazilian government has decided to allow the entry of Argentine sweet citrus with imports from the neighbor expected to begin in July, website AFP Digital reported.

Entre Rios province governor Sergio Urribarri told the agency the possibility to export to Brazil was a great opportunity.

Entre Rios Citrus Federation (Fecier) head Gustavo Cechetto, said it was not certain how much fruit would be shipped to Brazil but it was a positive result after several meetings with the governor to help negotiate the agreement.

"This is a very big opportunity because it's a vast market where we still don't operate," Cechetto was quoted as saying.

"In the first instance it involves the export of fresh fruit, but then also the distribution companies interested in buying juices, so there should exist a real interest in this product.

He believed there was good space for exporters to sell navel oranges, which are not as common in Brazil.

"Today we export to Europe and many other countries, but this market interests us a lot because of its geographic closeness, as everything can be sent by land."

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