Three new berry zones slated for Peru

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Three new berry zones slated for Peru

Peruvian fruit exporter Talsa has announced plans to plant berries in three new areas in 2013 following tests in the country's north, website reported.

Talsa general manager Rafael Quevedo said the departments of Cajamarca, Huancayo and La Libertad had potential for berry production, with areas that were free of frosts, had water access and good logistics systems in place.

He said tests would need to take place for different varieties and fruits, which the company has already done in the northern department of Lambayeque. Cajamarca and La Libertad are south of Lambayeque but still in the country's north, while Huancayo is east of Lima.

Quevedo emphasized production would need to focus on adapting timeframes for blueberries so that exports did not coincide with competing shipments from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

"In achieving success in this first year, production would be earmarked for the U.S., Canadian, Mexican and Chinese markets, which is why the group (Grupo Rocio, parent company) is sending people specialized in agribusiness and marketing to these different markets to get to know the demand and the opportune times in which our product could be successful," he was quoted as saying.

He added intensive promotion was needed in China, Japan and other Asian countries, along with the building of strong partnerships.

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