U.S.: Oriental fruit flies detected in Orange County

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U.S.: Oriental fruit flies detected in Orange County

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has announced it will begin a treatment program this week following the siting of two Oriental fruit flies in the Laguna Beach area of Orange County.

The CDFA will use the "male attractant" as the mainstay of its eradication measures for this pest, over around 7.5 miles surrounding the sites where the insects were trapped.

Click here for a map of the treatment area.

The method involves squirting a small patch of fly attractant mixed with a minute amount of pesticide around 8-10ft off the ground on street trees and similar surfaces.  Male flies are attracted to the mixture and perish after contact.

"Our system to detect invasive species like the Oriental fruit fly is working well, and according to design," said CDFA secretary Karen Ross.

"The key is to move quickly and take action before the pests can cause widespread damage."

The Oriental fruit fly is found in much of Southern Asia, as well neighboring islands including Sri Lanka and Taiwan.  It is also present in Hawaii.

Photo: Farm Progress


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