Peru's mandarin and organic banana exports rise in H1

Peru's mandarin and organic banana exports rise in H1

Good prices have helped push up Peru's mandarin and banana export values during the first half of 2012, according to local media.

Peru's mandarin exports for the first half of 2012 showed a 7.4% year-on-year rise in value reaching US$24.6 million, website reported.

Shipments for the first half of this year were up by 300,000 kilograms at 24.3 million kilograms, compared with 24 million in 2011, according to customs figures.

Peru Citrus Growers Association (ProCitrus) president Renzo Carlini Chiappe, said he was optimistic exports would continue to increase.

"We have been working on developing our technical fields so that the Peruvian label signifies best quality fruit and this has allowed us to move to other countries as a leading exporter," he was quoted as saying.

England was the main import destination accounting for 34% of exports (US$8.4 million), followed by Canada at 26% (US$6.4 million) and the U.S. thirin d at 20% with US$4.8 million.

Other significant markets include the Netherlands at 7.9% (US$1.9 million) and Ireland at 6% (US$1.5 million).

The main mandarin exporters were the Fruit Producers Consortium (CPF) which accounted for 30% of exports (US$7.4 million), followed by Procesadora Larán at 26% (US$6.5 million) and Compañía de Exportaciones y Negocios Generales at 10% (US$2.5 million).

Shipments started in February peaking in May with 11 million kilograms with prices on the international market reaching an average of US$1 a box for the first half of 2012.

Peru's organic banana exports for the first half showed a 25.2% rise due to higher export prices reaching US$42.1 million in value, according to the Latin American consultancy Maximixe.

The growth was driven by increased shipments to Germany, Belgium, the U.K and the Netherlands, translating to an overall growth of 32.4% growth across Europe, which accounts for 71% exports.

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