Costa Rican govt applauds Dole's good agricultural practices

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Costa Rican govt applauds Dole's good agricultural practices

The Costa Rican deputy minister for agriculture and livestock Tania López has praised U.S. fruit company Dole's agricultural practices in the country, following a state visit to its El Muelle pineapple farm in San Carlos.

The purpose of the visit was to observe the company's conventional and organic production of the fruit, and its applications to combat stable fly through the use of beneficial microorganisms.

Other visiting dignitaries included State Phytosanitary Service director Magda Gonzalez, Animal Health Service (SENASA) director Germán Rojas, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) pineapple manager David Meneses, and National Institute of Innovation and Technology Transfer (INTA) Department of Plant Protection head Arturo Solorzano.

López said Dole set a good example for good agricultural practices and industrial relations, recognizing efforts to promote environmentally friendly production.

She added a corporate social responsibility program for the benefit of the workers' community was notable, and that the farm recently entered into a fair trade program.

Farm manager Edgar Corrales said 980 hectares on the property were for conventional pineapple farming while 159 hectares were for the organic fruit.

In both cases, the company follows strict guidelines in the preparation of the soil in order to achieve higher productivity and sustainable production.

He added the forest conservation areas amounted to 452 hectares with five streams and 13 wetlands The company prepares its own compost of fertilizers for organic pineapple production.

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