Bolivia seeks new banana markets

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Bolivia seeks new banana markets

Bolivian authorities have started a search for new banana export markets following restrictions in Argentine trade access, website reported.

Deputy minister for rural development and agriculture Víctor Hugo Vásquez, told the website phytosanitary information requests had been sent to the governments of several nations including Spain, Brazil, Venezuela and Peru.

He said the move had been made as Bolivia could not afford to depend on just one market, but negotiations were taking place with Argentine authorities to lift restrictions, the story reported.

He highlighted the talks were well underway but there were still some details that needed to be considered.

Empresa Bananera Integral Técnica Agrícola manager Igor Guzmán, told the website the measures have caused severe damages for growers in the region of Cochabamba.

Taking into account the entity used to export 2,000 cartons of bananas a month to Argentina, Guzmán said it was losing around US$143,678 per week because of the measures.

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