Argentina: Tucumán's lemon exports dropped but prices held up

Argentina: Tucumán's lemon exports dropped but prices held up

Global lemon shipments from the Argentine province of Tucumán were 20% down this year but export prices fared better than expected according to the province's citrus association president Roberto Sánchez Loria, website

However, exports to Russia and South East Asia were more or less the same as the previous season.

The province exported 260,000 metric tons (MT) of high quality lemons to major world markets with the amount of fruit sent for processing slightly down on the previous season.

According to a major lemon company senior executive, Europe's April rains meant lemon consumption and supply of the fruit was low leaving the market clear for Tucumán exports in May.

He added this had led to stable prices over a longer period of time than normal.

Tucumán also benefitted from mild weather without July's frosts allowing producers to harvest in a more relaxed way than in the previous two years, the story reported.

Sánchez Loria added his members were continuing negotiations with the World Trade Organization to get U.S. restrictions lifted for export of the province's lemons.

Exports to non-traditional markets this year rose reaching 23,458MT compared with 20,356MT in 2011 and 8,203MT in 2010.

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