New recycling code required in South Korea

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New recycling code required in South Korea

All plastic packaging destined for South Korea will need to have a new recycling code from the start of 2013, following changes in the East Asian country's labeling laws.

Importers can apply for an extension period for use of the old logo from the Korean Environment Corporation (KECO) by Dec. 31, according to sources in ProChile's Seoul office.

The extension option was made based on claims by those unable to utilize stock produce with the old logo.

There are not expected to be many restrictions in approvals for stock with the previous logo, however it has been reported there are certain exceptions depending on the material used.

In this situation it is recommended that exporters make contact with their Korean counterparts to check whether or not their products fall under this new legislation.

It has been reported that the change will not prevent the entry of goods in customs, but will take effect in retail channels where products are displayed and will be monitored by Korean Ministry of Environment inspectors.

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