Leadership transition at New York’s Trade Office of Peru

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Leadership transition at New York’s Trade Office of Peru

Press release (Trade Office of Peru)

April 30, 2024- The Trade Office of Peru in New York announced a change in its director position beginning in April. Bernardo Muñoz, Director of the office for over five years will be transitioning to lead the Trade Office of Peru in Shanghai. The New York office welcomes Diana Pita as its new Trade Commissioner.

Muñoz has been an active participant in and representative of business from Peru.

“Over the nearly five years I have spent in this role, my experiences have offered me profound insights into the trade dynamics between Peru and the U.S., highlighting the rich potential and occasional challenges of our bilateral trade relationships,” he said. “First and foremost, these years have underscored the importance of understanding and adapting to the market demands of both countries.”

During his time in New York, Muñoz explained, the U.S. market has shown a growing interest in the unique and high-quality products that Peru offers, especially in sectors such as agriculture, textiles, and specialty foods.

“This trend is a testament to the appeal of Peruvian products and the opportunity for increased market share in the U.S.,” he said.

“Moreover, the projects I have been involved with have revealed the critical role of collaboration between governmental and private sectors in both countries. Through joint efforts, we have been able to navigate regulatory environments, enhance trade facilitation, and promote Peruvian products more effectively in the U.S. market. Consumers in the U.S. are increasingly valuing products that are not only high-quality but also ethically sourced and produced. This aligns well with Peru's rich heritage of sustainable practices and offers a competitive edge in the market."

One of the legacies Muñoz hopes to leave behind is the establishment of robust networks that have bridged Peruvian businesses with their American counterparts.

“These connections have not only facilitated smoother trade transactions but have also led to meaningful collaborations, sharing of knowledge, and mutual growth,” he said. “By focusing on sustainable trade practices, we have laid the groundwork for a trade relationship that is not just profitable but also responsible and forward-looking. We've initiated and supported projects that leveraged innovative practices to overcome logistical challenges, meet market demands, and address environmental concerns. I'm also proud of the role our office has played in enhancing the visibility and appreciation of Peruvian culture in the U.S. Through various trade and cultural events, we've introduced the diverse and rich heritage of Peru to a wider audience, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation that goes beyond mere economic exchanges.”

New director Pita’s career spans over 20 years in the public sector, as a lawyer and specializing in international business and economics. Previously, she spent more than a decade as the head of the Commercial Office of Peru in Beijing and Shanghai, gaining extensive experience in enhancing economic and commercial relations between Peru and China.

“My expertise in navigating complex international landscapes has been a foundation of my professional journey, driving significant contributions to Peru's global economic engagements,” she said.  

As the head of the New York office, Pita’s primary priorities are promoting Peruvian exports in the U.S. market to foster economic growth and attracting foreign investment to create new jobs.

“My interest in introducing the U.S. market to our superfoods and the quality of our fresh produce is certainly a very important mission of my tenure here,” she said. “Advocating for our small and medium enterprises as they navigate global markets is also crucial, as they are vital to our economic fabric. Additionally, I will focus on promoting our culture and tourism to boost international visibility and attraction. Through these efforts, I aim to solidify our country’s standing on the global stage and advance our economic interests.”

Pita expressed a true passion for showcasing the amazing variety of fresh Peruvian products, from blueberries and grapes to avocados, coffee, and cacao.

“All these products are carefully harvested in the richest and most diverse areas of Peru,” she said. “Our biodiversity makes us a unique country with unique products, positioning Peru as a crucial economic hub in South America. This is a key message that we need more buyers to understand and appreciate.”

The Trade Office of Peru in New York serves as a vital link, offering support and resources to both Peruvian businesses seeking to expand in the U.S. market and American entities wishing to explore the rich commercial potential of Peru.

It also provides assistance and information to Peruvian businesses and Chambers of Commerce on trade matters and establishes contacts with relevant U.S. government officials or trade organizations so that Peruvian entrepreneurs can achieve their business objectives.

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