Rain impacts on Chilean grapes uncertain, says Greenberg

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Rain impacts on Chilean grapes uncertain, says Greenberg

Capespan North America CEO Mark Greenberg has expressed "little doubt" unseasonal rain in Chile's Aconcagua Valley will impact the area's table grape crop, but it is yet to be seen what this will mean for exports. uvas_65108740 _ small

In a market report, Greenberg said the most immediate affected variety would be the earliest Flames from Aconcagua.

"This fruit, expected to start harvest in Week 2 is already showing color and developing sugar," he said.

"But it is harder to predict what the effect of the rains will be in the longer term and how it will affect overall grape production and allocation to each market.

"Most agree that the rains should have little impact on the bulk of the fruit from San Felipe and even less impact on the fruit from the Metropolitan Region and south."

Greenberg highlighted that many people were expecting a Chilean season with more summer moisture, while growers themselves have high expectations in all markets, especially given strong demand from Asia.

"If rainy conditions impair the ability of fruit to arrive well at its most distant markets, one has to wonder if this will ultimately mean reduced volume for the US as the weather shortens the crop generally, or if it means greater volume for the US as exporters allocate fruit away from their more distant (and therefore more risky) markets."


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