Market Pulse Week 5 - 2013

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Market Pulse Week 5 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 5 – 2013 (Feb. 1)


In North America, the Chilean supply showed low participation and was still insufficient to establish a price trend. California showed a rise in volume, although Mexico continued to dominate the market.

In Europe, good activity was reported on the continent and in the U.K. Chile had low presence.


In North America, movement and prices were stable, but sensitive fruit had importers concerned.

In Europe, a similar situation was observed.

In Asia, the Chilean supply was low and showed moderate movement.


In North America, the Chilean season was coming to an end in the U.S. Final sales would be made over the next two weeks.

In Europe, the season had ended.

In Asia, large sales activity was associated Chinese New Year celebrations.


In North America, prices were variable, in particular for the Flame variety.

In Europe, there were still delicate shipments from South Africa, putting pressure on the continental market and the U.K. In Russia, price adjustments were observed for Peruvian Red Globes.

In Asia, high volume and sales were seen leading up to Chinese New Year. The first sales were reported for the Indian offer.

In Latin America, there was good movement for Peruvian Red Globes in Colombia.


In North America, there was a good supply level.

In Europe, the first Chilean sales were reported on the mainland, while in the U.K. supply continued to come only from South Africa.

In Asia, there was increased interest in stonefruit before the Chinese New Year. Sugar Plums were the most requested product.

In Latin America, there was moderate movement in Colombia and Brazil.

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