Market Pulse Week 22 - 2013

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Market Pulse Week 22 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 22 – 2013 (May 31)


In North America, the U.S. had an active market complemented by significant arrivals from Chile.

In Europe, there was a good market for imported apples. In the U.K., sales were active and prices went unchanged. In Russia, there were price adjustments for Red Delicious apples from Argentina and a firm market for Granny Smith apples.

In Asia, there were slight price increases for Chilean and New Zealand supply due to lower volumes from the U.S. in Chinese markets.

In Latin America, there was good activity in Colombia, although arrivals of small-sized Granny Smiths hindered sales. In Brazil, price adjustments were reported for this variety.


In North America, the U.S. market was dominated by local and Mexican supplies. Volumes from Chile were low for the Crimson Seedless and Red Globe varieties.

In Europe, the season for Thompson Seedless grapes finished on the continent and in the U.K. Red Seedless grapes had a firm market and unchanged prices. In Russia, there were price adjustments for Thompson grapes from India and Red Globes from Chile.

In Asia, there was a high presence of Chilean Red Globes in Chinese markets.

In Latin America, there was a complicated market in Colombia for Chilean Red Globes. In Brazil, prices and sales were stable.


In North America, there were minor price adjustments for Chilean kiwifruit.

In Europe, the market was stable. In the U.K., supply was maintained according to the level of demand. In Russia, the market had good movement.

In Asia, low volumes of kiwifruit were seen on the market and little interest was shown for the product.

In Latin America, sales were stable both in Brazil and Colombia.peras_ffp


In North America, the market was active and the availability of local supply was decreasing.

In Europe, the green pear supply moved downward. In the U.K., sales were moderate for South African pears. In Russia, price adjustments were seen for Argentine Packham's pears.

In Asia, there were no sales for imported pears this week.

In Latin America, price adjustments were registered in Colombia. In Brazil the market was steady.

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