Market Pulse Week 24 - 2013

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Market Pulse Week 24 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 24 – 2013 (June 14)


In North America, Chilean Pink Lady and Braeburn sales began in the U.S., which was an active market.

In Latin America, calm sales were seen in Colombia while an adequate pace was seen in Brazil.

In Europe, the market was active for all varieties. In the U.K., markets moved quickly with firm prices. In Russia the market was assessed as in good condition.

In Asia, supply was moderate and prices varied depending on variety.


In North America, the Chilean season was over in the U.S. uvas_44535784 small

In Latin America, markets were stable in terms of prices with steady sales activity.

In Europe, price adjustments were observed for Crimsons and Red Globes. High arrivals from Chile affected prices.

In Asia, prices ranged depending on quality.


In North America, price adjustments were observed for Chilean supply.

In Latin America, moderate sales were recorded in Brazil while price adjustments took place for Chilean supply.

In Europe, the market was agile in terms of sales with stable prices. In Russia, price were firm with good sales activity.

In Asia, supply volume was irregular.


In North America, movement had slowed in the U.S. but prices had not changed compared to previous weeks.

In Latin America, low volume in the market allowed for price stability in Colombia. Good sales movement was registered in Brazil.

In Europe, slow sales continued for the Forelle variety with price adjustments. Chilean supply was affected while no changes were seen for South African pears. In the U.K., the market was strong. In Russia, Packham's sales were improving.

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