Market Pulse Week 30 - 2013

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Market Pulse Week 30 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 30 – 2013 (July 26)


In North America, the U.S. market was strong for local apples and moderate for imported fruit.

In Europe, the market showed good activity but in some varieties movement was slow due to quality issues.  In Russia, sales were under pressure for red varieties and prices were down this week.

In Asia, the Royal Gala market was not attractive.

In Latin America, an appropriate sales rate was reported in Colombia, while in Brazil activity was moderate.


In North America, the U.S. had good activity for the local supply.

In Europe, there has been more movement favored by warmer weather.


In North America and Europe, the season for the Southern Hemisphere ended.grapes mixed in box _ ffp

In Asia, the last batches from Chile were being sold.

In Latin America, the Colombian market was influenced by the condition of Red Globes. Lots of excellent condition had hike prices.

This was the final market report for table grapes from the season 2012-13.


In North America, the U.S. market was moderate with price adjustments on the West Coast.

In Europe, there was a strong market and low supply. In the U.K., there were low volume sales and price stability for the Chilean supply. In Russia, the market had good activity.

In Asia, there was a low supply of kiwifruit in Chinese markets.

In Latin America, there were moderate sales with stable prices in Colombia and Brazil.


In North America, the presence of California summer pears on the U.S. market was increasing.

In Europe, there was a low offer of imported pears, marked by sales and price stability. In Russia, the last lots of Argentine Packham's were moving properly. The market was in its last stage for the Southern Hemisphere supply.

In Latin America, there was price stability for Packham's in Colombia. In Brazil, the market showed slow activity for the Argentine supply.

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