Market Pulse Week 32 - 2013

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Market Pulse Week 32 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 32 – 2013 (August 9)


In North America, the new Gala season started in California.

In Latin America, there was an adequate flow of inventory in Colombia, while slow sales were noticed in Brazil.

In Europe, a high level of market activity was observed, with a greater supply of Royal Gala apples. In the U.K., sales were stable.

In Asia, New Zealand supply was concentrated in the Shanghai market, where a greater variety of fruit was noticed.


In North America, a low availability of Mexican supply led to slight price increases.

In Europe, South African supply increased. Low volumes were registered for green volumes, while agile sales continued in the U.K.


In North America, higher prices were seen due to a lower Chilean Hayward supply in the U.S. kiwi_73380991 _ small

In Latin America, there was a low level of interest in Chilean kiwifruit in Colombia and Brazil.

In Europe, higher volumes of Chilean kiwifruit arrived with stable prices. In the U.K., lower sales activity was observed. In Russia, the sales pace continued to be moderate.

In Asia, a low level of supply was registered in southern China while there was more volume in Shanghai with the presence of New Zealand and Chilean fruit.


In North America, high sales activity was seen for Californian pears in the U.S. as imported supply declined.

In Latin America, agile sales were recorded for Packham's pears in good condition in Colombia. The Brazilian market was moderate.

In Europe, there was a low participation of Southern Hemisphere supply, with mostly Forelles from South Africa. Foreign supply sales were adequate for the end of the season. In the U.K., a greater presence of Southern Hemisphere green varieties was observed but volumes were still low. In Russia, the season finished for Argentine supply.

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