Mexico nears watermelon harvest, export season

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Mexico nears watermelon harvest, export season

The Mexican watermelon season has kicked off and producers are gearing up for harvest and export.

José Luis Jiménez, manager of Colima's State Melon Grower Council, explained the harvest began in December and fruit availability continued through May.

"In Colima, an average of 1,500 hectares of watermelon are planted with average production per hectare of 45 tons," he told

At the moment, he said exact production figures were not available. A better estimate should be available next month.

Currently, Jiménez said a lot of plantings have been done for Maxima, a mini variety.

For exports, he indicated that almost all of Colima's shipments went to the United States, the region's top market.

"In the case of watermelons, we export at least 80%. The rest stays for local and national consumption," he said.

"Watermelons have been sent to Japan and Canada as well, but as market tests to search for new horizons. The strongest area of export is in the U.S."


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