International Blueberry Conference set for Mexico

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International Blueberry Conference set for Mexico

From March 10-11, 2014, the International Blueberry Organization will hold its fourth annual event in Guadalajara, Mexico. The seminar will bring together representatives from the world's top producing countries with the objective of blueberries_squaresharing information and analysis on the current state of the industry.

IBO chairman Andrés Armstrong reflected on the organization's past events, including meetings in the United States and Chile.

"After carrying out the first two years of IBO in the United States, we took it this year to Chile to share global blueberry industry analysis with this country's industry," Armstrong said.

"Next year we will take it to Mexico, a country that is growing in production and importance. We are sure this will be a contribution to local producers and exporters."

This year's seminar in Santiago, Chile included growth analysis of global plantations and production volume, as well as the most recent studies on the blueberry's health benefits and the commercial outlook for this berry in China.

The seminar also included detailed presentations from Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, the United States, , Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, the United Kingdom and Poland.

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