Philippine company to extend pineapple presence

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Philippine company to extend pineapple presence

Philippine comany AgriNurture, Inc. could soon confirm a joint deal to establish a pineapple farm in South Cotabato, reported cut

General manager for farming, Larry Lacson, said the company cannot yet reveal the name of its business partner, pending finalization of the agreement.

"We are hoping to enter into a joint venture agreement next year. The one we are talking to has an existing 250-hectare pineapple plantation in South Cotabato, and the owner has additional 200 hectares for expansion, so that’s where we will enter," he told the online publication.

The annoucement builds on the company's expansion in the banana sector, adding to a export focus on China, Russia and the Middle East. Currently, the company sources all of its pineapples from suppliers, rather than from independent plantations.

Best Choice, a unit of AgriNurture, recently signed a joint venture with Hijo Resources Corp. to independently operate a 294-hectare banana plantation for a minimum of 25 years, the Philippine publication said.

Previously, AgriNuture also sourced export bananas from outside growers. With an independent facility, the company hopes to improve volume and quality.



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