Spanish melon growers warned of fungal risk

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Spanish melon growers warned of fungal risk

Cool, wet weather this month could mean increased disease risk for Spanish melon growers. Almeria-based fertilizer company Nutrientes Alvi has warned, in particular, against fungal attacks from Mycosphaerella, Botrytis, downy mildew melon_on vine_ffpand powdery mildew.

Agronomist Pedro Sánchez told that April's weather conditions will leave plantations vulnerable.

"For the month of April, the forecast is unstable and this can increase plant stress, making them susceptible to pest and disease," he said.

During the 2013 campaign, the Spanish site also noted that April was the month in which watermelon and melon plantations experienced the greatest presence of whitefly, carrier of Tomato Leaf Curl New Delhi Virus.

The virus has created a scare in Spain for fear of its potential impact on various horticultural products, such as sweet peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes.



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