Peru demands more peaches

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Peru demands more peaches

Peru currently has 5,500 Ha. of peach plantations, concentrated in great part in Lima. Smaller plantations can also be found throughout Ancash, Ayacucho, Abancay, Cusco, Moquegua and Tacna. These orchards have not been sufficient, however, to peaches_59900995supply the nation's pulp and juice industries, forcing fruit imports from Chile and Australia.

In an interview with, Peruvian fruit specialist William Daga Ávalos spoke about the current demand situation and the possibility of new orchards to maintain supply.

He said Peru currently produces 56,000MT a year of peaches, about 30% of which goes to the pulp industry. An estimated 16,000MT goes to fresh exports.

"We export to Ecuador, Colombia, a little to Bolivia, but no more than that. We don't have enough quality fruit to send to other, more demanding markets," Daga said.

To meet demand for pulp, Peru's juice industry has had to actually import the fruit from Chile and Australia, leading growers to consider additional plantations.

"There are major companies here in Peru that need around 40,000MT for factories in Lima. ... So the country would be undersupplied. This is why we propose growth in production areas for fruit for pulp and juices," he said.

"I think private businesses and regional governments are also considering investment in these production projects. So if this trend continues, I think we will rapidly see growth."

"There are regions like Ayacucho, Ica and Ancach that are investing in productive projects to develop peaches on a national level. So, I thinkwe are going to succeed when we have government and private support for this."

Daga said Peru's mountainous regions could take on an additional 15,000 Ha. in peach plantations.



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