Heirloom pear variety en route from Argentina to U.S.

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Heirloom pear variety en route from Argentina to U.S.

Limited volumes of organic Alexander Lucas pears from Argentina's Rio Negro area will to arrive to the U.S. at the end of April.

The heirloom variety of European origin has been praised by marketer Viva Tierra Organic, Inc. as a superior variety with a Alex Lucasfoodie following.

"They are great to round out a spring pear display at retail with their distinctive appearance, something special to add variety to the standard d'Anjou and Bosc offerings," said sales representative Paul McCaffrey in a company press release.

Viva Tierra Organic, Inc. said it expected to source just 45 pallets of the fruit this season.

Coming into production after Bosc, the season for Alexander Lucas pears is short, creating limited volume.

The fruit has been described as similar to D'Anjou pears, with the exception of a longer stem and larger size. When ripe, the fruit's flesh can be described as buttery soft, smooth and extremely juicy, according to the organic marketer.



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