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A hot date is good for the heart

Growers of Natural Delights-branded Medjool dates have been given a boost with their product now certified as heart-healthy by the American Heart Association. Natural Delights dates

It was already known the dates were a good source of dietary fiber, had 50% more potassium by weight than bananas, provided 16 vitamins and minerals, and contained no fat or cholesterol, but the Heart-Check Food Certification Program green light will likely spark greater awareness amongst consumers.

"The designation of Natural Delights™ Medjool Dates as a heart-healthy food by the American Heart Association®’s Heart-Check Food Certification program represents the culmination of a long-term effort to educate the public and key influencers about the significant health benefits of the fruit," said Bard Valley Medjool Date Growers Association's director of marketing Dave Anderson.

"In addition to legitimizing the heart-healthy benefits, we expect the Heart-Check certification to result in an increase in overall Medjool date use, appreciation and fandom."

Natural Delights Medjool dates will come in new packaging starting next month with the American Heart Association Heart-Check mark.