Israeli organic sea lettuce lines make a splash -

Israeli organic sea lettuce lines make a splash

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Israeli organic sea lettuce lines make a splash

Fresh organic seaweed harvested directly from the Mediterranean Sea and cultivated in specialized offshore eco pools in Israel has led to new lines of ‘sea lettuce’ marketed by Arava Export Growers. Herb sales manager Omer Kamp speaks with about the ‘mind-blowing’ superfood making waves in the Middle East.

“"Our organic seaweeds have all the characteristics that make a produce [item] a real winner. For starters, the nutritional value tops the charts in all aspects,”" Kamp says. eco pools

"“It can be used in diverse culinary applications, it’s eco-clean and organic and there is stable and continuous availability all year round with the unique and innovative methods.”"

Grown at the Seakura sea farm located at the natural reserve of Michmoret on the coastal strip between Tel Aviv and Haifa, the seaweed is extracted from the depths of the ocean and carefully cultivated under a controlled process that balances water properties and circulation with the density of growth and exposure to the sun.

Using what Seakura describes as ‘ground-breaking technology,’ up to nine crops can be harvested per year of what Kamp describes as ‘the healthiest and most nutritional food on Earth’.

"“The farm growing the seaweed, Seakura, is probably the only one in existence that actually cultivates the product on land and offshore with the use of purified Mediterranean sea water.

“"While others simply harvest the weeds from the ocean, Seakura took the initiative to grow it in specialized eco pools on the seashore, approximately 50 meters ways from the sea line. In other words, not only are the seaweeds 100% organic, but also they are 100% clean and with exceptional nutritional values.”"

The ultimate superfood?

According to Seakura, the sea lettuce is packed with iron, vitamins B12, C, magnesium and protein with a mineral and fiber content so rich, it’'s difficult to find anything else with such ‘superfood’ credentials.

“"A seaweed, in all its forms, has the ability to absorb minerals, vitamins and all of what the surroundings offer. However, when grown near the shores, it also absorbs the negative elements we wish to avoid such as petro, lead, mercury and pollutants.

"“Seakura, on the other hand, has innovated a unique technology that allows the control of what the plant absorbs by restricting its environment. Since the water is pumped from the abyss, heavy metals and petro is nowhere to be found, thus we get a clean, eco product.”"

Avara is marketing two lines; the Ulva and Gracilaria either loose or in 100 grams closed lid packages which have a shelf life of around 18 days if kept at three to 6°C (43°F).

Negotiations are going on with retailers in the U.K. and Germany where the potential health benefits of seaweed are resonating with consumers amid a wave of celebrity chefs using it in salad, pasta and side vegetable dishes as well as part of trending vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Photo: Eco pools

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