European climate change efforts should serve as world model, says Cogeca -

European climate change efforts should serve as world model, says Cogeca

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European climate change efforts should serve as world model, says Cogeca

The president of European farming group Copa-Cogeca is calling for a strong legally binding agreement that includes all major economies as part of the COP21 Paris talks on climate change. Persimmons 111

Speaking at the event earlier this week with several French agricultural organizations and the World Farmers'’ Organization (WFO), Martin Merrild underlined the significant contribution agriculture has in fighting climate change.

He called for the robust agreement for all countries around the world, whilst urging global leaders to recognize the vital work within Europe’'s agricultural industry to combat climate change.

“"We now also need to get consumers on board so that they better understand the good work farmers do in helping to feed the world in a sustainable way at the same time as combating climate change," he said.

"“We already deliver in the fight against climate change. But it makes no sense to solve the climate problem by cutting production in Europe just to build it up elsewhere.

"“The EU has already made a strong commitment with its ambitious goal of cutting emissions by 40% compared to 1990 and our partners across the world need to make similar commitments.”"

Europe'’s innovative technologies that reduce climate footprint whilst increasing food output should serve as a model and inspiration for farmers and cooperatives all over the world, he added.

“"Perhaps the best European solutions can be found in areas such as crop production...…any environmentally successful agreement in Paris must focus on research, adaptation and mitigation.

"“Globally, climate change is a threat to agriculture and food security. It is very clear in Europe, we also need to do more with less, to feed the world and to avoid the serious social and political instability that has been seen so many times in our history.”"

Concluding his speech Merrild pointed out that since 1990, greenhouse gas emission from farming has fallen 23%, while sectors like transport have recorded a rise in impact.

MEPs call for a strong Paris deal on carbon markets of aviation and shipping

Meanwhile, a European Parliament delegation met on Dec. 8, where politicians also advocated earmarking carbon market revenues as a possible solution for financing climate efforts.

MEPs said the Paris climate change agreement should not ignore the fact that emissions from aviation and shipping sectors are ‘'rocketing'’, and if left unregulated could account for up to 40% of all global emissions. They were citing an earlier European Parliament study.

"“Another priority for us here is to make sure that aviation and shipping are not left out,"” delegation vice-chair MEP Matthias Groote says in a release.

“"We have set ourselves very ambitious targets in the EU. But when we talk about international aviation and shipping, no measures are being envisaged.

“"Paris needs to set a clear mandate, so that we don’'t have a situation where some industries are overburdened and other are simply spared any effort.”"

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