Turkey looks to stimulate domestic citrus market as exports decline

An official has called for the Turkish industry to rouse the domestic lemon market.
January 15 , 2016

Chinese customs raid importers in US$91M fruit smuggling case

Chinese authorities allege 40,000MT of fruit marked as U.S., Chilean, Australian or South African have been smuggled into the country since 2012.
January 14 , 2016

Australia: Nutrafruit threatens legal action over super plum IP infringement

The exclusive worldwide licensee for Queen Garnet plums (QGP) has found several examples of irregularities in the use of its intellectual property.
January 14 , 2016

Thai court confiscates Andy Hall's passport

Human rights defender Andy Hall has handed over his passport to a Thai court, which imposed a travel ban on the Briton after he was granted temporary bail.
January 14 , 2016

Aussie pome fruit exports pick up in 2015

Australian apple and pear exports rose significantly last year, backed by a boost in trade with Thailand and the U.K.
January 14 , 2016

British avocado appetite leads to mini Hass launch 

British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) is stocking its first ever baby avocado range in a new launch that keeps pace with consumer trends.
January 14 , 2016

Harvest Update: Outlook for Chilean nectarines and plums

Baika Chilean Fruits product manager Thomas Jackson is hopeful for improved white nectarine export protocols, after a challenging 2015.
January 14 , 2016

State of the Market - Week 1, 2016

Avocado sales usually drop after New Year celebrations in Europe, but this year they held firm in the EU and the U.S.
January 13 , 2016

Negotiations yet to resume in Rotterdam port job security dispute

The Dutch Trade Union Federation is awaiting a meeting to discuss concerns with the Port of Rotterdam and weigh up whether to strike again.
January 13 , 2016

U.S.: Pacific Organic Produce sprouts in the vegetable market

Pacific Organic Produce is making a new move into the warm weather vegetable business with a range of crops sourced from Mexico.
January 13 , 2016