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U.S. apple exporters hit with fees in Mexico

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U.S. apple exporters hit with fees in Mexico

As anti-dumping investigations continue, the Mexican Government has ordered provisional duty payments from some of the biggest names in the U.S. apple industry. shutterstock_96898804 granny smiths on sorter

Starting tomorrow (Jan. 7) , all U.S. companies exporting apples to the country will have to pay the compensatory fees, with the exception of Monson Fruit, CPC International Apple, and Washington Fruit and Produce.

The preliminary resolution was published in Mexico's Diario Oficial today, as the result of an investigation from the Secretary of the Economy which began on Dec. 4, 2014, prompted by complaints from the Regional Agricultural Union of Fruit Growers of the State of Chihuahua (UNIFRUT).

Based on their cooperation in the enquiry and the results, the secretary placed specific fees on certain U.S. apple exporters including Zirkle Fruit (20.82%), Broetje Orchards (17.22%), Stemilt Growers (10.14%), Northern Fruit Company (9.45%), Chiawana (8.27%), Gilbert Orchards (7.39%), Custom Apple Packers (5.55%) and Evans Fruit (2.44%).

For exporters that appeared in the document but weren't specifically selected, the rate stands at 7.55%, while for others - minus the three exceptions - the rate will be 20.82%.

The investigation will continue in order to determine whether to keep the duty fees for a period of five years.


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