Murano strawberries gain traction in Benelux -

Murano strawberries gain traction in Benelux

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Murano strawberries gain traction in Benelux

CIV Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti is seeing increased interest in its patented strawberry variety Murano in the Netherlands and Belgium, expanding from its success with retailer Sainsbury's in the U.K.

In a release, the company said the variety was gaining support from supply chain operators in the two countries with extremely attractive price quotations compared to other varieties.

Murano strawberries

Murano strawberries

CIV added consumers were attracted to the fruit for its optimal combination of taste and color.

The group emphasized the performance of its patented varieties had once again been confirmed both from production and commercial points of view.

The group made mention of Clery as the leading strawberry variety in the early segment in Belgium, France and Germany; the variety Joly which is very popular in the Belgian direct sales segment; and Murano and Capri as the most popular everbearers in Northern Europe.

Additionally, the new Flavia and Flaminia varieties are outperforming in Southern Europe and France, as strawberries suitable for production in temperate Mediterranean climates.

CIV said the varieties' versatility was based on a common thread of technology, with quality characterized by:

  • Natural rusticity and vigour of the plants;
  • Good adaptability to both integrated production and organic cultivation, as well as, obviously, high-yield conventional cultivation;
  • Low environmental impact production thanks to their tolerance to disease and low water and feed requirements; And,
  • Top quality fruit with a distinctive flavour and optimal consistency and shelf-life characteristics.

"The CIV's primary objective is increasingly to target our Research & Development activity towards the varietal development of environmentally sustainable strawberries of the highest quality, to satisfy every player in the supply chain, from the producer to the end user at an international level," said CIV president Pier Filippo Tagliani.

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