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U.S.: Oneonta pear harvest to kick off in August

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U.S.: Oneonta pear harvest to kick off in August

Wenatchee, Washington-based Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers (OSRG) expects to soon be shipping "exceptional" fruit with a new crop of pears around the corner. PEars - Oneonta

In a release, OSRG marketing director Scott Marboe said the Bartlett harvest would start in the first week of August with the first loads going out on the week of August 8.

"The Bartletts are beautiful this year," Marboe said.

"They’re clean, with great size, and we have lots of 90 and larger fruit. Also, our Starkrimson will start close to the same harvest window, giving consumers a great selection of snack-perfect pears."

In addition to the earlier varieties, Marboe said the Anjous were exceptionally clean this year.

"We did have a drop during the spring heat, so volume will be down in the Hood River area,” he said.

“However, the great size and clean crop will make up for that," he said, adding the Bosc crop which was expected to start shipping in September and looked great so far.

"Comice are down in volume, but the fruit look to have excellent size, and they will start August 29."

Red and Green Anjous will start Sept. 12, followed by Seckels and Forelles on Sept. 19. For the Seckel variety, a new 2-pound pouch bag is being offered this year.

"A number of people were asking for additional varieties in pouch bags to add to displays," Marboe said.

"[The] Pouch is proving to be a great impulse buy in the pear category, and many of our top retail customers are seeing added sales and category increases when displayed.

"We’re looking forward to a great pear season, and we have some exciting promotions lined up for this fall."


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