India to halt Chinese pome fruit imports

May 17 , 2017

India has reportedly issued a directive to halt Chinese apple and pear imports from the beginning of June due to phytosanitary concerns with numerous batches of fruit.

Publication The Dollar Business reported the Indian National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) had said 26 batches of Chinese fruit were contaminated.

It said that since no action had allegedly been taken to remedy the situation, the Indian Government had decided to temporarily halt the import of apples and pears from that country starting from June 1.

NPPO said it had detected Pseudococcus Comstocki and Fusarium Oxysporum, two harmful microorganisms that cause disease to the fruits and trees.

The Indian side reportedly had also communicated to the Chinese exporters on March 31 to provide measures to resolve the contaminants issue and reveal the approval process undertaken by the Chinese fruit export packaging factories.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, India imported US$117.40 million worth of apples and US$14.80 million worth of pears from China between Apr-Feb of 2016-17.


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