China signs Argentine table grape protocol

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China signs Argentine table grape protocol

While Argentine farmers are still waiting for the results of efforts aimed at speeding up access for their blueberries and cherries in China, the protocol for another much anticipated fruit crop has now been finalized. 

While the two countries had agreed to a phytosanitary protocol for table grape exports back in July, only now has the document officially been signed. 

Ahead of food innovation exhibition SIAL China in Shanghai, Argentine Agricultural Minister Ricardo Buryaile and China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) Minister Zhi Shuping signed the protocol along with two other agreements.

The pair also signed a strategic work plan for agricultural cooperation that would last through 2022, and a work plan for food safety, health and security that would last through 2019.

San Juan is one of the provinces set to gain most from the table grape protocol, representing 90% of Argentina's total volume while also being its main export region. 

Last year the Argentine Confederation of Medium-sized Businesses (CAME) published a report highlighting there were 29 table grape packers in San Juan, most with some export focus.


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