Photo Gallery: World's Biggest Guacamole in Jalisco, Mexico -

Photo Gallery: World's Biggest Guacamole in Jalisco, Mexico

Around 3,000 people took part in preparing the world's largest guacamole over the weekend, producing a dish that weighed almost three metric tons (MT).

The feat in Concepción de Buenos Aires in the Mexican state of Jalisco achieved the Guinness World Record, beating the previous titleholders in Tancitaro, Michoacán, whose guacamole weighed in at 2.6MT.

The raw ingredients included 4.2MT of avocados, 500kg of tomatoes, 200kg of limes, 150kg of onions and 90kg of coriander.

Jalisco Secretary of Rural Development (SEDER) Héctor Padilla Gutiérrez (featured in the center of the first photo below) highlighted the symbolic aims of the achievement.

"Jalisco is a land of champions. We are champions in the fight against poverty, we are champions in the transparency of public resources, we are champions in food production as an agri-food giant, and now we are a champion in producing the world's biggest guacamole thanks to all your efforts," Padilla Gutiérrez said.

"It's prestigious for everyone - an effort that gives a great lesson in setting far-reaching goals."

Jalisco's avocado sector has grown dramatically in recent years, with production rising from 40,000MT in 2014 to 143,00MT last year. 

On the export front, volumes increased from 28,000MT in 2014 to 69,000MT in 2016, with 35% going to Canada, 30% to Europe, 25% to Japan, and the rest split between Latin America, Hong Kong and the Middle East.